Strong Opposition

From my book, Soil of the Divine:

The Father stands
in strong opposition
to those who
abuse His children.

He sweeps the fatherless
into holy embrace.
He comforts the widow,
drying her tears.
He feeds the destitute,
setting a place at His table.
He heals the hurting,
binding their wounds.

But to those who judge unfairly,
He stands in opposition.
Justice for the downtrodden
requires justice too
for the oppressor.

Give justice to the weak and fatherless;
maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.
-Psalm 82:3


Welcome to the state
of Americanity,
nine parts patriotism
just one Christianity.

We justify the sins
of leaders in the land,
when they represent
our ole party? Grand.

We call for prayer in schools
and Merry Christmas in our stores,
but rage and spit our hatred
toward Muslims on our shores.

We tear children from their parents
destroy the family unit,
and quote St. Paul from Romans
all the while we’re doing it.

Immigrants aren’t welcome
unless they fit the master plan,
rich and learned? Sure come in.
The tired and weary we ban.

But Jesus said the opposite
he welcomed the distressed.
“Come to me all you weary,
and I will give you rest.”

Raindrops are liquid joy
celebrated by the thunder
with claps of praise.


In the spring of the year
they rise from their slumber,
slender stalks supporting
saffron heads,
their bright composure
punctuating the cool green;
yet they are transient.

Bright blonde giving way to
tousled gray
until a breeze blows upon it
and it’s gone.

But God is a forget-me-not.
His steadfast love never ceases,
though He plucks and blows
upon the flower,
He spreads the seeds
upon the wind…
His breath carries life abundant
where many see death.


A reflection on Psalm 103 from my book Soil of the Divine.

Seeds Descend

Seeds descend
into darkness
lives extinguished
in the cool earth.

From death, life emerges
pressing through the soil
to reach the Light
always stretching, reaching
toward life’s Source
new life superseding old.

Why do we fear the darkness?


A flood of emotion
tear’s cataract
overflowing grief’s banks
saturating the plains of consciousness.
The waters may bring death,
but they also bring life.
Our way is not around,
but through the sea.

Bold Love

O Sovereign Protector,

The world is full of dangers, which threaten at every turn.
The complex effects of the fall invade every facet of our existence.
We witness breakdown every day,
of physical health
of relationships
of the church itself.
And still, LORD, you are unwavering and whole.

Grant me courage for the day ahead
to live so fully in the security of your love for me
that I can say what must be said
and do what must be done.
I am often overrun by fears,
but you say, O LORD, that the righteous
are bold as a lion.
May I be ruled, not by anxieties,
but by love.

Let it be.


Indwelling Spirit,

I am aware of so many sinful tendencies within myself,
self centeredness,
lusts of the flesh,
chasing distractions.
They crowd out the God-life.
I end up pursuing ten-thousand things that do not glorify you.
I live for self and fail to love.
Life becomes about satisfying my passions
and fulfilling my comforts.

So overwhelm me with your Holy Spirit
that I am left with no option
but to radiate peace, goodness and beauty.


Divine Restorer,
I can offer nothing to you
except my disintegrated self.
The worries of the world,
temptations and lusts,
broken relationships,
physical imperfections,
continually batter my soul–

fragmenting, fragmenting–

useless on their own,
yet you, O LORD, are able
to make broken things whole,
to infuse my sinews with grace,
and my bones with steadfast love.

Re-created not just whole
but holy.

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