Sermon: Sacred Interruptions

This weekend, I taught a sermon titled Sacred Interruptions, a topic I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years. I’ve always thought it would make for a good book, but for now, a sermon will have to do.

Briefly, I explored how we make sense of interruptions as Christians. I proposed the the acronym SEARCH for how we might live.


Acts 9
Numbers 22
Proverbs 3:5-6
Lamentations 3:1-3, 21-25
Mark 4:37-40
Luke 8:43-48
Luke 10:38-42
Habakkuk 1:2-4
Psalm 42

You can listen here.

Audio Archive

Occasionally, I am asked about teachings I have done in the past and I decided to catalog them on my blog as an easy way to point people to them. The list below includes audio from Cedarcreek, the Edge, WWIB, and HBO.


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Sunday School Revisited: Noah-June 11
Hosea: Endure-May 21
Hosea: Focus-May 14
Hosea: Obey-May 7
Easter Sunday: The Year of the Lord’s Favor-April 16
Tough Topics: Made this way–Gender and Sexuality-March 26
Tough Topics: Don’t Judge Me! Hell and Judgment-March 19
A Letter from God-January 1

Church: What is it?-October 2
A Time for Everything: Tearing and Mending-August 14
Crabb Conversations: Our Final Conversation (WWIB)-August 8
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 20-21 (WWIB)-July 18
A Time for Everything: Weeping and Laughing–July 3
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 18 & 19 (WWIB)-June 20
A Time for Everything: Planting and Plucking Up–June 12
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 17 (WWIB)-May 9
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 14-16 (WWIB)-April 11
Jesus Creed: Love Others–April 10
Jesus Creed: Love God--April 3
Thoughts on Trump (WWIB)–March 14
Parenting Girls–March 6
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 12-13 (WWIB)-February 8
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams Chapter 10-11 (WWIB)-January 11


Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 8-9 (WWIB)-December 14
Mary’s Story–December 13

Created to Relate-November 29
Trinitarian Relating-November 22
Making Sense of Senescence (Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute)–November 12
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 5-7 (WWIB)-November 9
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 3 & 4 (WWIB)-October 12
A Few of Our Favorite Psalms-Psalm 130-September 21
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 2 (WWIB)-September 14
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams (WWIB)-August 10
Fruit Salad: Gentleness-July 19th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB)-July 13th
Fruit Salad: Faithfulness-July 12th
Listen in: Building Faith and Friendship (WWIB)-June 8th
Fruit Salad: Love-May 31st
Crabb Conversations: Power of the Gospel (WWIB)-May 11th
Luke–a Careful Account: Responding to the Elder Brother-May 3rd
Crabb Conversations: with Larry himself! (WWIB)-April 13th
Luke–A Careful Account: Triumphal Entry-March 29th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out(WWIB)-March 9th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB)-February 9th
Five Year Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake (WWIB)-January 12th

Crabb Conversations: Inside Out  (WWIB) -December 8th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out  (WWIB)-November 10th
Redeeming Emotion: Joy-October 26th
Redeeming Emotion: Sorrow-October 19th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB) -October 13th
Redeeming Emotion: Fear-October 12th
Redeeming Emotion: Anger-October 5th
Saints, Scoundrels, and Sinners: Esther-June 15th
Saints, Scoundrels, and Sinners: Solomon-June 8th
Deny Yourself 3(Edge)-March 13th
Deny Yourself 2 (Edge)-March 6th
Clothed in Righteousness-March 2nd
Deny Yourself 1 (Edge)-February 27th

Longing and Belonging-October 27th
Love Rejoices in the Truth-July 28th
Love is Patient-June 9th
Overcoming Shame-April 7th

Santa Claus is Coming to Town-December 9th
Transformational Church: Relational Intentionality-October 7th
Judges: Levite and His Concubine-August 26th
Judges: Gideon Part 2-July 2nd
Judges: Gideon Part 1-June 24th
Mutual Protection-April 29th

Antique Words: Legalism vs Liberty-April 28th
Antique Words: Atonement-July 3rd
Psalm 51-March 27th

The Memory Loss Tapes (HBO)

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