The Pause

Write 31 days, day 17
Writing Prompt: Pause

“What happened to my day?” I wondered aloud as I walked through the nurse’s station at quarter past four. How could it possibly be this late? The day was not particularly overburdened patient-wise, but I’ve been at my desk for over nine hours, minus the brief visit with my wife over lunch. Patients were seen and reports were written, but without a break to catch my breath.

Normally, I take time to pause. Before the workday starts, I sit in the corner chair, eyes closed, and ponder Christ’s presence. Later in the morning, or perhaps mid-afternoon, I take a walk. A slow walk. I saunter. Amble. I listen to the leaves and watch the birds. I feel the breeze upon my neck or the sun upon my face. I breathe. Life is better when I am not hurrying through it.

For consideration: take five minutes to pause today. Or thirty. 


My mind is a superball
unpredictably bouncing
seemingly unable to remain at rest.

Superballs are fun
though they aren’t good for much else.

Like a toddler at play
I move
I move
rarely slowing for rest.

The Father says,
“come touch my knee.”

I resist.
Again…”come touch my knee.”

I do so, reluctantly,
but my mind still bounces around the room.

“Look at me, son.”
I turn to look at Him,
but like the superball,
my eyes bounce away after a short second.

“Look at me.”
I try again to hold His gaze,
a few seconds longer this time.

He remains patient and tender.
I draw an uneven breath and, holding it, look.

There is stillness in His eyes
and love in His smile.

I relax.

How long before I bounce away again?

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