Six inch cylinder
translucent and black,
cradled perfectly
in my hand.
But I should get to the point.
Less than 1/2 millimeter
restraining miles of ink
to write who knows what.
I confess that my eyes wander
and I am wooed by other pens.

I relent
and then regret,
for you G2 are,
as the box promises,
“Ultra Fine.”

11/8 PAD prompt: a thing poem

Yet the Sun Ascends

A world bound in grief
longing for relief
suffering abounds
pain is all around.

Innocence dying
evil ever trying
to rule human hearts
tearing us apart.

Yet the sun ascends
bringing grace again
its daily duty
revealing beauty.

Let our tears become
prisms for the sun
pain’s crystalline lens
bending praise to heav’n.

PAD Prompt: Praise Poem

I wrote this poem as part of the Writer’s Digest 2017 PAD Chapbook Challenge. Each day, a new prompt is posted. I missed the first 5 days, but likely will go back and try those prompts too.