About Me

I am intentionally pursuing wholeness and shalom by seeking to integrate truth and beauty, logic and creativity. I have authored several scientific articles and book chapters on topics ranging from neuroscience to Christianity. I also have a self published book of poetry, Soil of the Divine, and edited a book about Larry Crabb, Living in the Larger Story: The Christian Psychology of Larry Crabb (2019, Gideon Institute). In 2020, I released, Notes from the Upper Room: Lessons in Loving Like Jesus, as well as an accompanying devotional based upon the upper room discourse in John 13 to 17. My most recent book, Letters to the Beloved (2021), is an imaginative devotional commentary of the entire New Testament.

I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with my wife and two of my three children. I work as a neuropsychologist for the Marshfield Clinic. You can follow along on my winding journey toward wholeness, integration, and reconciliation at http://www.jasonkanz.com.