Pillar of Belief

31 days of writing–day 3
Writing Prompt: Believe

Belief was easy when I had all the answers. My confidence was built upon a pillar of theology texts and an inherent desire to learn. I knew what I believed and why I believed it. I had wrestled with the rational arguments for the faith as well as their counterarguments. I considered myself to be “a winsome ambassador” to use Greg Koukl’s language. As far as I was concerned, Christianity connected all the dots in the universe.

Somewhere along the way, the pillar started wobbling. Life and circumstance had been tearing pages from these texts, one by one–pages that no longer provided adequate explanation for life’s realities. I was discovering that I could not resolve my internal struggles with intellect alone. My shaky confidence could not bear many more torn pages.

Jesus is theology embodied. He is scripture in three dimensions.

In truth, I could memorize the Bible and master every book of theology ever written, and still the pillar would tremble. I needed something solid. John 1:14 tells us “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” Jesus is theology embodied. He is scripture in three dimensions.

As much as I love books, they will never sympathize with my weaknesses. Despite my gratitude for the gift of knowledge, knowing things will never comfort my pain. But Jesus, he enters my story. He knows my suffering. He understands my fears. He comforts me in the darkness. He enters my confusion and embraces me in my discomfort.

For reflection:

When has your confidence in something been shaken? How have you been able to process your uncertainty?