My Books

My latest book is Notes from the Upper Room: Lessons in Loving Like Jesus (2020). In this book, I explore what Jesus shared with his disciples during their last meal together described in John 13 to 17. I also put together a series of devotionals based upon the upper room discourse that complement Notes from the Upper Room.

I was the editor of Living in the Larger Story: The Christian Psychology of Larry Crabb (2019). With Bryan Maier, I wrote the primary summary of Dr. Crabb’s work, though there are also contributions from Richard Averbeck, Kep Crabb, Larry Crabb, Bruce Demarest, Colin Dye, Eric Johnson, Mark McMinn, Gary Moon, Jamie Rasmussen, Siang-Yang Tan, Brett Vaden, and Ed Welch. It is available for purchase here.

In Soil of the Divine (2017), I explored the themes of wholeness, redemption, and integration through poetic form. Inspired by the Psalms, this collection contains 150 poems rooted in ancient scripture and daily life. The Psalms have been a principle means of prayer and emotional expression for thousands of years, yet their light has never dimmed. May this collection of poems encourage you to see the Psalms afresh and inspire you to pursue a life of shalom. You can purchase it here.