Letters to the Beloved Audio

After spending far too long contemplating how to share the audio for my forthcoming book, Letters to the Beloved, I finally settled on podcasting each chapter. My plan is to release one chapter each day, though knowing the realities of life, I may end up missing days too. I plan to bounce around, though Paul’s letter to the Galatians is up first, 1 John is on deck, and Matthew’s gospel is in the hole, which will take us well over a month. As of today, I have the introduction and Galatians 1 uploaded.

I welcome any feedback, comments, and especially encouragement. If you have the ear of a publisher who would just love to pick up my project, let me know.

Please consider subscribing to the podcast so that you receive all of the updates. By tomorrow, it should be on all of the major aggregators like iTunes and Spotify.


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