You have been set free

Hear this message, beloved:

I am merciful toward you.
When you fall short of my holy standard,
I forgive you.
When you think or act
 inconsistently with what my Spirit whispers,
I still cover you with my lavish grace.

Again, hear this truth;
Meditate on it until you get it.
Because of the new covenant,
enacted by my Son,
            perfect priest,
            perfect sacrifice,
            perfect mediator,
I no longer remember your sins.
Let me repeat it:
I no longer remember your sins.
They are entirely gone.
All those sins you have committed
the ones you think about repeatedly,
listen, they are gone.
When I see you,
I see my Son’s perfection in you.
He has freed you from your chains.
You are no longer a slave;
you have been set free.
Live like it.

Hebrews 8:12, Letters to the Beloved

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