Letters to the Beloved fun facts

Letters to the Beloved is getting closer to its release date. Just for fun, I thought I would put together some fun facts about the book. Don’t worry, there won’t be a test later.

  • Years I have been working on it: Six.
  • Pages (7×10): 672
  • Words: 266,801
  • Paragraphs: 4147
  • Footnotes: 408
  • HTML color code for the cover: #ffed74
  • Most frequently referenced author: C.S. Lewis, who has 7 bibliographic entries, followed by Martin Luther (5).
  • Most seemingly out of place reference: Fredrich Nietzsche
  • Old Testament Books referenced: 26
  • Most frequently referenced Old Testament book: Isaiah, (38); followed closely by Psalms (34).
  • Times I have read through it: five
  • Hours spent writing and editing: thousands
  • Copies I will likely sell: not thousands.

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