John 13:20

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever receives the one I send receives me, and whoever receives me the one who sent me.”-John 13:20

Jesus had been preparing these men for spiritual battle, ministry, and service.  He would soon commission them to carry his message of the Kingdom into the world.  He had spent so much time teaching them, because he wanted them to see and understand his revolutionary message.  He wanted to ensure that when they shared the message, they would represent it accurately.

He also wanted them to understand that anyone could receive his message of grace and would be welcomed into the Kingdom of God.  When you accept Jesus, you are accepted into his family. No exceptions.

We often worry that we are the wrong kind of Christian.  Sure, we love Jesus, but if we do not fit the “normal Christian” mold, we question whether we belong.  Jesus came to shatter the mold of performance-based religion, yet so often we keep trying to hammer people back into it.

Jesus, to receive you is to receive the Father.  Help us to understand the reality that anyone who accepts you cannot be separated from your family.  Thank you for welcoming all who would come to you. Amen.

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