John 13:13

“You call me teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am.”-John 13:13

As he talked with his disciples, Jesus again confirmed his identity. He reminded them of who he was and by what authority he was able to tell them how to live.

Jesus was their teacher. They had lived for three years as his apprentices, listening as he taught them by words and action. He was not passing on a mere intellectual faith, but a comprehensive, embodied faith. He was teaching them to “become love” (Bob Goff, 2018). He spoke and lived in such a way that he wanted them to do likewise.

He was also their Lord. They recognized that he was no mere rabbi. He was someone greater. They believed that he was the promised Messiah. As Lord, he had every right to command them, but he taught and led instead as a servant. His servant leadership was countercultural then and it is countercultural now.

In today’s church, many of us have accepted Jesus as Savior. By his death and resurrection, he has redeemed us from the power of death. But do we also take him as teacher and Lord? Do we willingly look at his life and teaching to understand godliness? Do we submit our wants, desires, and self-centeredness to his lordship, asking him, with willing hearts, to take over our lives?

Jesus, you tell us that you are lord and teacher, yet so often, we fail to live in that reality, perilously rejecting your sovereignty. We seek instruction from the world instead of what you are teaching us. Forgive us, Lord, and turn our hearts once again to you. Amen.

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