A Thanksgiving Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We thank you today for your relentlessness.

As often as we wander from your presence

you lovingly bring us back.

When indwelling sin rears its ugly head,

your steadfast love never fails.

Let us live with confidence and gratitude,

thankfully remembering that your son Jesus

once and for all crushed death to death,

and with hope that one day

all remaining remnants of sin

shall one day disappear.

Let us live today

and everyday

with a thankful awareness

of your presence in all things:

the gathering of your saints,

a conversation with good friends,

the enjoyment of a good meal,

whether a sumptuous feast

or simple piece of bread.

Let us remember that all creation

attests to your glory,

raising hands and hearts

in grateful praise every moment

of every day.

To you be all glory and honor and praise.


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