Held Tight

From my book, Soil of the Divine:

When trouble to my doorstep comes,
when evil finds a way;
I cry out to the Lord above,
“why are You far away?”

The wicked ones, with evil come,
oppressing the poor and fair;
destruction in their arms and tongues,
saying “God’s not anywhere.”

But You, O Lord, lift up Your hand,
destroy the wicked man;
bring justice to the hurting ones,
as only the Sovereign can.

Your steadfast love and caring arms,
draw in the helpless child;
forgive our sins and hold us tight,
through each and every trial.

O LORD, You hear the desire of the afflicted;
You will strengthen their heart;
You will incline Your ear to do justice
to the fatherless and the oppressed,
so that the man who is of the earth
may strike terror no more.
-Psalm 10:17-1

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