Kindness, Not Controversy

Cease to do evil
learn to do good
seek justice
correct oppression.
Isaiah 1:16-17

The world is filled with so much hate,
anger is not what makes us great.
We rant and rave, we disagree,
forgetting God who sets us free.
We look for ways to criticize,
echo chambers providing lies.
The New York Times or news from Fox,
we all live in a slanted box.
Closing our mouths, opening ears,
a great idea unrealized here.
But there is too much damnable pride,
hubris abounds, humility’s died.
God hides His eyes from those who oppress,
religious words fail to impress.
Cease to do evil, learn to do right,
seek after justice, for people denied.
Here’s an idea: get off your phone,
battling strangers in angry tones
will never amount to culture’s improvement
it only divides with negative movement.
Look to your neighbor, say “tell me your story,”
seek understanding, all for God’s glory.
You may disagree, you might even be right;
but harming another, is not worth the fight.
Also consider, you could be wrong;
your skewed perspective, false all along.
God honors those who live with mercy,
pursue kindness and love, not controversy.

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