A Virtuous Trio

We look for beauty
on a five inch screen,
surfing the web
for the next cool scene.

But if we open our eyes
and look all around,
in creational beauty
God’s glory abounds.

We search for truth
on Wikipedia’s pages,
trusting what’s current
not the wisdom of ages.

But if we open our Bibles
and read God’s holy word,
we’ll find indelible ink
where *true Truth’s conferred.

We seek after goodness
in the public square,
pinning our hopes
to politicians with flair.

But goodness resides
in God’s perfect law,
love one another
and God above all.

Ancient philosophers
said these three transcend,
all time and space
they will not end.

A virtuous trio
truth, goodness, and beauty,
seen most fully
in blessed Trinity.

*True truth was a concept put forward by Francis Schaeffer that what the Bible teaches is not just one among many truths, but truth that corresponds to reality.

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