John 17:7

“Now they know that everything that you have given me is from you.”-John 17:7

Because the Son proceeds from the Father; so does everything the Son does and says. When I think of the Trinity, I think of perichoretic “flow,” the intra-Trinitarian dance. Too often, we create artificial distinctions within the Trinity between the Father, Son, and Spirit while failing to acknowledge that they are really and truly one God, but God is not static; he is life and energy. He is love. The “glory of God” begins to partially capture the reality of God’s energy, love, and light. It captures flow.

Everything good within us also proceeds from the Trinity. God’s throne is an ever flowing fountain of grace, love, and glory and we are invited to dance within him in that ever flowing goodness.

Jesus, you taught that there is no “you” apart from the Father and that your existence flows from him and back again. Help me to know my dependence upon the Trinitarian flow of your rivers of grace. Amen.

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