John 17:4

“I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work you gave me to do.”-John 17:4

Jesus’s earthly life lasted about 33 years. God incarnate, he was born of a virgin and matured under the watchful eyes of Mary and Joseph, growing in wisdom and stature. He began his public ministry around age 30, teaching people about the Kingdom of God, confronting self-righteousness, healing sickness, and setting people free from oppression. He loved widely and wildly. A person’s status and history didn’t matter to Jesus. He loved everyone. Heaven’s king made himself a servant.

Everything Jesus did was to glorify the Father. It’s easy to believe that his preaching and his crucifixion brought glory to God, yet he also glorified him in mundane things like walking with his friends, eating with tax collectors, and sleeping in a boat. Jesus lived in perfect step with the Father every moment of his life.

Jesus also wants us to glorify God on earth, and it happens not only when we are evangelizing, praying, or reading our Bibles, it also happens when we are kissing a child’s skinned knee, giving a stranger directions, or offering a smile and a hello.

Jesus, you prayed confidently that you glorified the Father. Help me to know that I can also bring you glory in each moment by how I live. Open my eyes to see the opportunity for kingdom living. Amen.

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