Notes from the Upper Room

I am really excited to let you know that my third book, Notes from the Upper Room: Lessons in Loving Like Jesus, will be out in the next few weeks, just in time for Easter. This book grew from a desire to understand what Jesus believed was important to tell his disciples during their last night together before he went to the cross.

John 13 to 17, often referred to as the “Upper Room Discourse,” provides John’s narrative of the disciples’ last meal with Jesus. There is no place in the Bible where a single conversation is so carefully recounted, making up nearly one-fifth of John’s Gospel. In Notes from the Upper Room, you are invited to listen in on their conversation, and learn what it means to love like Jesus.

Authors Chris Wheeler and Larry Crabb had this to say:

Jason’s gracious and wise perspective on the Upper Room discourse strikes at the heart of the Gospel, with a hard-to-find balance of depth and accessibility. He applies the love of Jesus to the tensions of our brokenness with great care and empathy. This is an extremely encouraging and uplifting book, and one that I highly recommend you read.-Chris Wheeler, author of Solace

If you’re hungry for a biblically centered understanding of both the difficulties and the possibilities of actually putting the love of Jesus on display by how you relate to your spouse, children, friends, and co-workers, Notes from the Upper Room sets the table with a tasty meal. In a strong, clear, and gentle voice, Jason speaks to the crucial value of trinitarian theology for living the relationally loving life we were designed and equipped to live. This a book well worth reading.—Larry Crabb, Psychologist and author of When God’s Ways Make No Sense

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