John 16:25

“I have said these things to you in figures of speech. The hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures of speech, but will tell you plainly about the Father.”-John 16:25

Jesus was famous for using figures of speech. He often spoke in parables, which were stories that painted pictures of the reality of the kingdom of God. In many cases, his word pictures added depth and meaning to our knowledge of God. For example, consider how many sermons, stories, books, or songs have been written about the story of the prodigal in Luke 15.

Yet at times, Jesus’s words and figures of speech seem to cloud our understanding. We cannot see clearly, so we stumble in the darkness. But Jesus doesn’t leave things that way. He promises his followers that his language will be made plain. There will come a time when we won’t be stumbling around blindly. Clarity comes with the asking.

Jesus, you promise clarity, but I often stumble about in the darkness. In these times where clarity is lacking, I try to take the lead, but that just leaves me with more confusion. You tell me to ask, and so I am. Jesus, make your word clear so that I may know you more. Amen. 

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