John 16:3

“And they will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor me.”-John 16:3

Christians are called to know God, through his son and by his Spirit, so that we might accurately represent him by how we love. The religious leaders of Jesus’s day dogmatically trusted in their theology. Because they were students of the Scriptures, they attempted to dictate truth to others, yet as Jesus said elsewhere, they shut the door in people’s faces (see Mt. 23:13). They operated from positions of superiority, glory seeking, and division. Jesus told his disciples that these leaders would kick people out of the church, and even kill his followers. Their willingness to exclude and attack others grew out of their false under-standing of God.

It remains true that legions of people who don’t know the real Jesus, inside and outside of the church, attack Christianity. In their pride and certainty, they marginalize the broken and sinful, barring them from the love and grace that they so desperately need.

Jesus, broken, sinful people are masters of division. I confess that I look for ways in which I believe I am better than others. Forgive me for comparing and judging. Allow me to be a reflection of the welcome of the gospel. Amen.

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