John 15:25

“But the word that is written in their law must be fulfilled: ‘They hated me without a cause.’”-John 15:25

Jesus’s life fulfilled Old Testament prophecy, which included the hatred he endured. Scripture anticipated that he would be hated, but notice precisely what Jesus said: “The word that is written in their law.” As the second member of the Trinity, he would have written the law, so it was his law too. I think the reason Jesus said “their law” was because he wanted the disciples to see that even the scriptures that the scribes and Pharisees knew so well anticipated them hating him. Jesus was not a maverick thumbing his nose at the Mosaic Law. Rather, he was its fulfilment.

It is good to pay attention to Jesus’s words, but also to pay attention to the law and the prophets. Through his life and teaching, Jesus revealed what kingdom life looks like. We benefit from reading, with humility and curiosity, what the wisdom of the Old Testament saints had to say, filtered through the lens of Jesus.

Jesus, you are the fulfillment of the law. Even the hatred you endured was anticipated. Help me to connect the dots between your holy word, written down so long ago, and life in the present, so that I might know your divine vision for kingdom life. Amen.

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