John 15:12

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”-John 15:12

Once again, Jesus returns to his commandment. His wording mirrors what he said in John 13:34. Remember, repetition helps remembrance and there is nothing more important for us to remember that Jesus loves us, and in turn we are called to love like him. Our love is not some formless, squishy emotion, but service, self-denial, and other-centeredness. Jesus’s love took him to the cross.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by this commandment? Jesus was perfect in every way. Though he was human, he never sinned. He always loved perfectly. How can we achieve his standard of love and service? I think Jesus asked us to live in the manner of Jesus even though we are far from perfect, seeking opportunities to serve, uplift, and bless others. He wants our lives to reflect his kindness and goodness. He wants us to love others in the ways we need to be loved, but we cannot do this if we fail to understand how rooted and grounded we are in Christ’s love.

Jesus, lover of my soul, heart, mind, and body, help me to become love as you are love. Help me to offer extravagant grace and sacrificial love to a lost and hurting world. Amen.

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