John 15:7

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”-John 15:7

Like John 14:14, I wonder if this verse has confused a lot of Christians. We wonder what Jesus meant when he told his disciples “whatever you wish, it will be done.” As children, we would ask God for big things, like “Let me fly.” As grown-ups, we still ask for big things, but our requests reflect our maturing. “Please let my daughter stay clean and find her way back to you, God.” Sometimes, it is hard to know which of these requests seems more improbable.

As sincere believers, how are we to make sense of what appear to be unanswered prayers? We could choose to believe that our faith was not strong enough to grant our requests and that if we were “better” Christians, God would answer. We might even question if we are true believers, but what if we are missing the big idea by focusing on only one part of that verse?

Jesus was still talking about abiding and about how we are connected to him and he gives us life. When we begin to see and understand that Christ’s life in us is essential to who we are, it changes us. When we truly see that we are imbued with Christ, our prayers begin to reflect his heart and those prayers he will always grant.

Jesus, I sometimes find it hard to pray, because I am focused on my fleshly desires rather than your heart. Let my life be in harmony with yours, fully aware of my union with you. Let your purposes become my purposes. Amen.

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