John 13:24

So Simon Peter motioned to him to ask Jesus of whom he was speaking.-John 13:24

How often do we live in uncertainty, unwilling to ask questions or seek clarification?  If you are like me, you may fret alone or speculate with others when you are confused.  Uncertainty is a breeding ground for unhelpful assumptions.  In verse 22, the disciples were looking around, uncertain of who was the betrayer.  They could have kept their wondering to themselves, but Peter was willing to ask.  He routinely showed boldness in the presence of Jesus, seemingly unafraid of looking stupid. His confidence in Jesus made him freely ask questions when the others might not.  Peter motioned to John, who must have been sitting right next to Jesus to ask the question.

Peter teaches us that there is wisdom in vulnerably seeking clarity.  There is no righteousness in pretending to know the answer.  It takes courage to ask questions because most of us are afraid of looking stupid.  Sometimes, we don’t want to know the answer, but when we know the truth, we can deal with it head on rather than persisting in fear and uncertainty.

Jesus, we often fail to speak up because we do not want to look dumb.  Sometimes we are afraid of the answer.  Empower us to ask hard questions, listen for answers, and follow through with courage.  Amen.

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